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Bhadrapura Estate

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The Bhadrapura estate is located in Hoysalalu village, the cultural hub of Hoysala Dynasty of the fame Beluru and Halebedu – UNESCO world heritage sights. The tributaries of the river Hemavathi flows in the region making it fertile and favourable for farming.

This plantation has absorbed the charm of its owners, Mr Balraj Hanbal and wife Mrs Shyla D M who are third generation coffee farmers. Mr Balraj with his astounding 47 years of on-site farming experience, even at 67 adorns the energy of a 20 years old to learn about evolved and newer farming practices. The man with the heartiest laugh, Mr Balraj begins his day with estate visit to ensure the work is on point. Be it getting to the details of the soil or to the details of his equipment, he keeps it all up to date. His knowledge on the subject has also helped young farmers getting started take the right direction and excel.

The 4th generation, Pavan Hanbal – an engineer by profession, tree hugger by heart is invested in raising the quality standards of coffee by bringing technology to farming. Being a keen listener, Pavan has managed to grasp the knowledge of coffee plantation, trees and the ecosystem from his father. On his coffee mission, he aims to bring focus on direct trade helping growers focus on sustainable farming practices.

This estate is a divine adobe of natural resources like spring water for plant hydration, rich spices like pepper, cardamom and fruits such as bananas, sapote (mud apples), jack fruits, black plum which adds to the richness of the soil that translates to the complex flavours in the coffee.

With elevation over 3500 ft above mean sea level, this plantation has best of both worlds for coffee growth – the cool evening till dawn for bean development and warm humid mornings for plant growth.

The meticulously handled beans in the hands of the mechanics translates to cup full of surprises – fruity flavours with aromas of rose petal, peach, lychee, and allspice

A full-bodied brew coats the sides of the glass as you swirl and release refreshing aromas.