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Literally translated, Kuttinkhan = "Mean Forest", and Chikmagalur = "Little Daughter's Village". A mean forest near the little daughter’s village. Wicked!

It is an original Crawford estate, which was bought by the Rebello family 3 generations ago. Even though much has changed, it still takes a certain type of individual/animal to deal with all the idiosyncrasies of this farm.

Enter - the very amiable Dr. Subir Rebello. When he isn't busy partying, he is fastidiously ensuring the best quality standards for his coffee. 35 years now,and counting. The good doctor's son Mihir Rebello, seems to be following in his father's footsteps. He looks at the industry from both sides of the spectrum - the consumer and the farm - bridging the divide between the two using a scientific approach (he's an architect, with a masters in coffee economics & science) to the primary, secondary & tertiary processes involved in coffee as a finished product. The primary process is the cultivation of coffee as an agricultural product, the secondary is the post-harvest processing including drying and curing, and the tertiary processes are roasting & brewing.

The doctor's vision: A relentless pursuit of perfection that has culminated in a holistic environment.

The produce: washed coffees that scream tart sweetness and whole-sundried coffees that make you wanna jump around, feeling like you've just had an epiphany. It goes without saying that the Mechanics' touch is crucial in instigating aforementioned shenanigans.

Located in the lush rainforests on the periphery of the Giris - a mountain range in Chikmagalur,South India - this ancestral estate boasts nine different varieties of Arabica. They grow amongst fruit trees and spices, enjoy their own choice of elevation and require several different methods of cultivation.

With elevations of around 4000 ft for the choicest Arabica varieties, temperature plays a big role; the warm days are great for photosynthesis and the post-harvest drying phase, while the cool nights ensure proper metabolism and an elongated duration for bean maturation. Not to mention shade cover

The formation of molecules that the roast profiles will later accentuate, have to first form in the bean. These inherent characteristics combine with crucial factors such as the accumulation of acids and the complete development of sugars. In the capable hands of a great roaster, the acids will bite and the sugars do all the moaning. Sweet!