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The story of the plantation dates back to the year 1830, when the ancestors of the family first got the land granted from the british government for coffee cultivation; known to be one of the first families to take up coffee farming at the time in the Chikamagalur region.

Today, the 4th generation of the family Mr Prabhakar H.R and wife Mrs Kavitha H T, continue the legacy of growing of high quality coffee with advanced farming practices.

Mr Prabhakar H R, a vigilant coffee farmer believes that coffee farming is two full time jobs and enjoys it thoroughly. The quality of coffee produced on this estate hasn’t just picked up with the rage of specialty coffee. Right from selection of plant varietal for his plantations, to keeping a personal check on the processing of the harvested crop there is not much that passes by without thorough inspection. Mr Prabhakar’s shiny polished sickle he carries to the plantation is proof of his perfection.

The 5th generation, Ganga Prabhakar with 180 years of experience to her support, and keen interest in sustainable farming keeps focus on best practices of post harvest techniques - producing micro lots of green coffee and small batch specialty roasts. She has delved herself in understanding plant nutrition, shade management, biodiverse farming that reflects in quality from plant level. Thereby bringing the science and the art of coffee together for a product with a difference.

The estate also houses coffee tourism and nature retreat for those looking to experience life on the plantation or get first hand insights to coffee farming through everyday activities.  

Located in Chikmagalur, the farm lies between elevations of 3800-4500 ft above mean sea level. It has been deemed a “traditional arabica cultivation region”. The elevation and the ecosystem helps in slow bean development hence producing premium quality of beans.

This plantation situated in Western Ghats, has been a paradise for a variety of high quality fruits, spices, and also home to jungle trees, birds and animals that maintain the biodiversity of the region.

The plantation has different varietals of coffee that exhibits notes of dark chocolate, topical fruits, hints of spice and toast with buttery finish. They often have a sweetness reminiscent of pulpy fruit, which is balanced with sharp acidity.

The aroma of mixed spices and zesty fruit makes for a well balanced yet complex cup.