Bhadrapura Estate - Coffee Mechanics
Bhadrapura Estate - Coffee Mechanics

Yeast Ferment

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Yeast Ferment

A step forward to making progressive yet sustainable change to our coffees in the wet processing techniques. Red ripe berries with high brix content were used in this method. The pulped fruits were then fermented over 24 hours with yeast to breakdown sugars to obtain clean and crisp coffees with complex flavor profile.

Our experiment with coffee processing along with Agama Sustainable Coffee began in 2017 to identify processing techniques that reduce processing time, minimize use of water, reduce costs while producing great tasting specialty coffees. We are extremely proud to present this environment friendly, yet progressive coffee that is sustainable. 

Region: Chikkamagaluru

Estate: Bhadrapura Estate

Elevation: 3500 ft asl

Roast Type: Cinnamon Roast

Tasting Notes: Baked Apple & Jaggery

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