Our Story

We believe, we were born to make a fantastic coffee story, with a legacy of 5 generations of coffee producers!

Our coffee pursuit started with a thought to make coffee producing sustainable for the coffee producing community while catering to consumers that value quality, sustainability, freshness and environment.



While Indian coffee are grown is a fabulous environment of 3-tier shade, we needed to elevate the processing and roasted coffee quality. Leading us towards studying the art and science of coffee - through producing, processing, roasting and brewing - practically, Farm till the Cup.

From being producers of specialty coffee to being specialty coffee roasters, to emphasize the characteristic of the soil in the bean to elevate the coffee experience through an everyday cup.



We started Coffee Mechanics - Roastery & Tasting Room, an experience centre in Bangalore for coffee aficionados in the year 2016. Aimed at providing a complete experience of Single Origin Coffee, Roast Variations, helping consumers discover their palate while also educating them on alternate brewing techniques. 



Our goal is to bring you coffees that make a difference to lives of those who produce, harvest and process them, to make coffee value chain stronger and better for quality and experience through advanced roasting and brewing techniques through our roastery and café.

Driven by agility to keep with changing times and passion passed on through generations, we are here to create better tomorrow for coffee producer, for the industry that provides livelihood to millions of people and lifestyle for the quality conscious consumer.