Barrel Aged Coffee - Gift Box

Barrel Aged Coffee - Gift Box

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This Festive Season, fuel your dear ones with a whole lot of energy! What better way to energise than gifting them a fine collection of coffees

We have curated boxes to suit your preference!


1. Micro-lot - Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee - 1 pack

A Rare Selection! 

Process: The finest of Indian Arabicas aged in Single Malt Barrels, and meticulously roasted to bring out the delicate notes.

High Quality Indian Specialty Arabica aged in a ex-bourbon barrel. The process let the beans soak into the earthiness of the American Oak, fruitiness from the lingering ferment. 

We roast this delicate selection to preserve the natural notes and highlight inherent character of the beans. 

Enjoy the deep flavour notes on a pour over or brew it cold. 

Roast Type: Light-Medium Roast

Tasting Notes: Caramelized Pears, Bourbon & Toast

2. Cold Brew Bag - Set of 5 - Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee 

Cold Brew Bags are made to regulate the experience of cold brewed specialty coffee.

To make cold brewing convenient without having to compromise on the quality of the coffee.

This is for anyone who enjoys rich and smooth flavour profile of cold coffee. 

Each Brew Bag makes 3-5 cup concentrated coffee.

3. Drip Bags - Set of 10 - Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Easy to Brew single serve coffee packs

Drip To-Go is a solution to make superior quality coffee effortless and accessible for those with busy schedules yet appreciate the finer nuances in coffee. Ideal for coffee at work or while on your travel or trek. All you need is a mug & hot water and you are ready To-Go!

Makes 10 Single Serve Coffees

All of these 3 Barrel Aged Variations are placed in a gift box.

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